Online Consulting and Personal Health Coaching are great ways to get one-to-one support guided directly at your specific needs.

Dr. Lewan is available to consult on in a variety of cases that may benefit her unique specialties. Some examples include:

  • Reviewing a client’s case and providing specialized information and guidance for those with questions about pelvic floor dysfunction, hypermobility/EDS or dysautonomia/POTS, especially those who are not able to get to specialized care due to their location.
  • Providing a second opinion and alternatives in the case of chronic pain or symptoms that have not improved with a traditional PT approach.
  • Offering a more holistic perspective and treatment options, including individualized guided meditation and yoga therapy.

For organizations, Dr. Lewan is available to consult on:

  • In-house Continuing Education to improve your facilities screening, assessment, and treatment of patients with hypermobility, dysautonomia, or pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Starting or improving a specialty program at your facility for:
    • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    • Hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
    • Chronic Pain
    • Yoga Therapy
    • Dysautonomia/Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)


Please note that Online Consultation is not a replacement for medical care and does not qualify as medical care as a stand-alone service (outside of an in-person Physical Therapy assessment and treatment plan.) It is an out-of-pocket expense that is not reimbursable by insurance.

For individuals, initial Consultation rates are $150/hour. You can expect after booking an online Consultation below to receive a "New Client Intake" form that will allow Dr. Lewan to review details of your case prior to your scheduled appointment. You will be emailed instructions for joining a Zoom meeting prior to your meeting time.

For individuals wishing to continue with ongoing consults (repeated consultations that occur no more than 3 months apart), follow-up sessions are $120/hour.

For organizations, Consultation rates vary per project and estimated time for preparation and travel. Please contact Dr. Lewan to discuss.

If you are a clinician seeking specialized mentoring opportunities, please contact Dr. Lewan.

To Book a Consultation:



Catherine has a very effective style, and is open to questions. She is very knowledgable, with good visuals, hands-on instruction, and example exercises. Great course! Thank you!

-Chris V

This instructor is great! I will be taking more courses with her. She has the ability to communicate information in an interesting manner. I think this is the best instructor I have ever taken a (continuing education) class with!

– Janet L

Catherine is an energetic, bright, and passionate facilitator. She makes class fun and enjoyable!

Excellent speaker with a nice balance of lecture, lab, and shared case scenarios.

-Julie D

Catherine kept the material fun to learn throughout the whole day! She is an impressive presenter! The whole course was well organized and had great handouts.

– Anna L

I took a course from you a couple years ago about using pilates/yoga with geriatric patients. You presented the material in a smooth, understandable, and engaging way. I was just getting into yoga at the time, and you helped spur me onward into that wonderful realm. I am currently going over, again, the workbook from that course. Just wanted you to know that you helped to re-energize an old physical therapist’s practice of his profession, and continue to influence in a very positive way the outcomes of all my patient interactions. I offer you my sincere gratitude.

– Stan

“This was a great course, I think all therapists should attend. It is time for more focused attention to incontinence (and associated fall risk) in SNF/LTC and outpatient populations. I am so grateful I was able to attend and will be able to work this into our current rehab programs. “

Very clear, inspirational and motivational. Passionate about her subject. Great teacher and course!

-Beth B

Catherine is very engaging, passionate about getting her message across, and has a good sense of humor. Her course was fun and useful.