Like many Americans, Catherine first encountered yoga as a physical practice-- yoga poses helped her keep her body limber and strong. After more than two decades of practice, Catherine has found the benefits of yoga to extend far beyond the physical, and her practice now helps her stay centered, find balance and connect to a larger spiritual community (sangha.) Yogic philosophy and techniques have helped Catherine to cope with life challenges, including injuries and medical conditions, and cultivate compassion with herself and others.

Yoga therapy as a component of physical therapy

As a licensed physical therapist, Catherine is able to use yoga therapeutically as part of holistic assessment and treatment that addresses the physical and subtle bodies (mind, emotions and energy.) Yoga therapy provided by a healthcare professional can be considered part of the medical plan of care and as such, is subject to state and federal laws regulating healthcare. In the state of Illinois, for example, physical therapy treatment requires a referral from a physician, chiropractor, dentist, or midwife.

Yoga therapy as a wellness service

Yoga therapy can also stand alone as a means of enhancing wellness, preventing symptoms of injury or dis-ease, or acting as a complement to medical treatments. Yoga therapy certification requires extensive training beyond yoga teacher training requirements. As a certified yoga therapist, Catherine enjoys creating an individualized yoga practice to help her clients reach their goals. A referral is not needed for yoga therapy as a service provided outside a medical plan of care.

For more information on yoga therapy, contact Catherine or visit the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Group Yoga Classes

When Catherine teaches group yoga classes, her background in therapeutic yoga shines through. Meditation and pranayama are offered as a means of physiological quieting. Injury prevention is interwoven with physical poses and alignment. She offers modifications for common aches and pains. She encourages her students to listen to their inner guide as they explore movement and challenge themselves in healthy ways that balance effort with ease.


Catherine has practiced Pilates for more than 25 years, and her experience with the Pilates Method has influenced her work in rehabilitative science. She has certified with several Pilates organizations, and she chose to do the bulk of her training with STOTT PILATES due to their contemporary approach. Catherine is inspired by the original work of Joseph Pilates and is able to update his work according to current scientific theory and research. Happily, the body of research on Pilates and rehabilitative science is growing and Catherine enjoys scouring the literature for information that will help her to use Pilates to prevent and treat injuries and improve function for her patients and students. Her efforts to do this are highlighted in the 6 hour continuing education class she created for Summit Professional Education, Evidence-Based Pilates for Orthopedic and Geriatric Populations.


Catherine is very engaging, passionate about getting her message across, and has a good sense of humor. Her course was fun and useful.


“This was a great course, I think all therapists should attend. It is time for more focused attention to incontinence (and associated fall risk) in SNF/LTC and outpatient populations. I am so grateful I was able to attend and will be able to work this into our current rehab programs. “

Catherine is an energetic, bright, and passionate facilitator. She makes class fun and enjoyable!

Excellent speaker with a nice balance of lecture, lab, and shared case scenarios.

-Julie D

This instructor is great! I will be taking more courses with her. She has the ability to communicate information in an interesting manner. I think this is the best instructor I have ever taken a (continuing education) class with!

– Janet L

Very clear, inspirational and motivational. Passionate about her subject. Great teacher and course!

-Beth B

Catherine kept the material fun to learn throughout the whole day! She is an impressive presenter! The whole course was well organized and had great handouts.

– Anna L

I took a course from you a couple years ago about using pilates/yoga with geriatric patients. You presented the material in a smooth, understandable, and engaging way. I was just getting into yoga at the time, and you helped spur me onward into that wonderful realm. I am currently going over, again, the workbook from that course. Just wanted you to know that you helped to re-energize an old physical therapist’s practice of his profession, and continue to influence in a very positive way the outcomes of all my patient interactions. I offer you my sincere gratitude.

– Stan

Catherine has a very effective style, and is open to questions. She is very knowledgable, with good visuals, hands-on instruction, and example exercises. Great course! Thank you!

-Chris V