To book a physical therapy appointment:

Please visit for further information about physical therapy and rates/billing to your insurance company. Chicago Physical Therapists is in-network for BCBS PPO and is able to submit claims for reimbursement for out-of-network insurance providers. Please contact CPT at 773.770.3682 for more information about rates/billing. Please be advised that in order to provide the best quality care, Dr. Lewan limits the number of patients that she sees. Currently she is not taking new patients, but is committed to providing an initial evaluation/assessment for specialty cases (EDS, POTS, CCI) in order to provide guidance to this underserved population.


For inquiries about additional services, including consulting/coaching, yoga therapy, group classes, workshops or continuing education:

For a brief question, please contact If you would like to have Dr. Lewan review your case and advise on treatment options, please book an online consultation.

For inquiries about providers in your area who specialize in hypermobility/EDS, please see the EDS Society healthcare provider directory.

For inquiries about providers in your area who specialize in dysautonomia/POTS, please see the Dysautonomia International healthcare provider directory.

If you contact us about finding a hypermobility/EDS/dysautonomia/POTS specialist near you, you will be directed to information about setting up an online consultation with Dr Lewan to further assess your needs and discuss your case.