To book a physical therapy appointment:

Please visit for further information about physical therapy and rates/billing to your insurance company. Chicago Physical Therapists is in-network for BCBS PPO and is able to submit claims for reimbursement for out-of-network insurance providers. Please contact CPT at 773.770.3682 for more information about rates/billing. Click here to schedule appointments directly with Catherine.

For further inquiries about services that Catherine offers, including consulting/health coaching, yoga therapy, physical therapy, group classes, workshops or continuing education:

Please fill out the form to the right. I look forward to hearing from you!

For inquiries about providers who specialize in hypermobility/EDS, please see the EDS Society healthcare provider directory.

For inquiries about providers who specialize in dysautonomia/POTS, please see the Dysautonomia International healthcare provider directory.

If you contact Catherine about finding a hypermobility/EDS/dysautonomia/POTS specialist near you, you will be directed to information about setting up a consultation on your case.


Tools for getting started:

To get where we are going, it helps to know where we are starting from! The following form may be helpful in order to get to know yourself and your health goals. Fill it out for yourself and be prepared to share with Catherine and your health/wellness team so they can better assist you: Personal Health Inventory

You may also get an email link to a G-suite form that allows you to share your medical history, concerns and goals with Catherine in advance of your appointment in a HIPPA compliant cloud format. If you have any concerns about sharing your personal information in this way, please wait until your appointment/consultation to share this data.

For pelvic floor and bladder/bowel health, it helps to know how your pelvic floor responds to what you are putting into your bladder and gastrointestinal tract. Two to three full days is sufficient for a skilled pelvic specialist to unlock patterns that may need to be addressed in order to reach your pelvic health goals: Voiding Log

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